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Company profile

Company profile

20 Years of innovation and technology

Since its inception, Power Hydraulik has developed technologies and knowledge for the implementation of hydraulic systems and plants for various uses in the industrial field.

20 years of challenges and achievements have made us a reliable partner with significant Know-How that helps us give effective solutions and successfully address important and ambitious projects for large companies all over the world. Power Hydraulik is an ISO 9001 certified company and we have numerous application fields ranging from the energy sector, oil and gas, iron and steel and many others.

Special equipment, cylinders and other components are designed and manufactured entirely in-house.
We have a complete production chain that allows us to develop each job with precision by establishing advancement routes that include modern and sophisticated computer systems in our technical office, a workshop with CNC machines, plant assembly areas, test benches and data acquisition systems.

ISO 9001 Certified Company 
Power Hydraulik uses clean energy for its energy needs thanks to an internal state of the art photovoltaic system.