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Fluid Analysis Services

Program for the control of solid contamination in hydraulic oils. Classification and nature of polluting parts. Count of pollutant particles in 5 size ranges with Laser technology. Identification of the pollution class.


Repair and overhaul of hydraulic equipment such as pumps, motors, valves, accumulators, cylinders and more. Power Hydraulik is equipped with equipment and machinery for the review and recovery of hydraulic pumps and motors, as well as specific test benches for the final suitability testing.

Designing equipment

Power Hydraulik has developed a specific procedure for the analysis and design of hydraulic systems, it makes itself available to the technical offices of its customers to collaborate in the preparation and implementation of plants, system equipment and services.

Component Warehouse

Power Hydraulik constantly updates and develops its own warehouse so that each of our customer’s requests can be satisfied with competence, convenience and speed. We can provide any type of hydraulic equipment or accessory: pumps and motors, valves, filters, accumulators, heat exchangers and numerous other equipment.

Pipes and fittings

Wide assortment of flexible tubing for hydraulic systems, supplied with fittings in different shapes and sizes that are for various pressures.
Fittings for steel pipes according to DIN and SAE.

Eaton Walfrom® Technology for leak-free safety connections made from steel, carbon and stainless steel.